Dreams- The Second Fiddle of Life

Dreams are one of the things which I am yet to make sense of. We know that dreams consist of mostly the things we live in, our desires or the things we obsess most about. That part is well understood but what about those weird ones, where every moment the scene and the characters change.


One second you are in your old school, with your college friends and in the other you find your self in an old village with your family. How can one explain running after a vehicle to get in it, being chased by a ghost or the whole world freezing , feeling an invicible force which is wrecking the world apart but only you and your dear ones are alive because you escaped the catastrophe in time!! Yes the latter one was one of my most recent and weird ones.

The best part is you remember the weird ones for years. They may not be your favorite ones; you don’t like being in them but there are a pretty good chances that they might revisit you years later. There have been times when I dreamt something amazing, something worth remebering but I couldn’t recollect even a tiny bit about it. They are lost forever in your sub-conscious and no amout of digging can bring them back.

I am one of those fortunate ones who get loads of dreams and since iI consider my self to be the least creative living being on this earth, I tend to take pride in this space of ¬†being able to get creative in my dreams. Leaving the scientific facts behind, I think that dreams are a way of god to help live us a second life, giving us the free reign to design as we like, give as many special effects we want, involve who ever we want in our life, thus giving us some sort of contentment, at least that’s what I believe it is in my case.

So, keep dreaming and keep enjoying this second fiddle to our lives, these virtual worlds.

Image Courtesy- http://www.deviantart.com


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